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COOLFLY Rocket26 model

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Hello, everyone! Today is Thanksgiving Day and COOLFLY wishes you have a happy holiday here.Well, our COOLFLY has 15 models of electric bicycles in total, and today we will introduce one model of them. Model Rocket26 was released in May 2019, it has only been on the market for 6 months, but its sales have already ranked Top 3 among all of our fat tire electric bicycle models. This model are mostly sold to Europe, the United States, Canada and Italy.Let’s see how does Rocket26 looks like! We can see that the frame design of this model is very simple and the whole model looks very lightweight. The 26inch * 4.0 fat tire is suitable for most road conditions, whether it is flat or mountain type. The front fork has a shock-absorbing design, which increases the elasticity of the body and improves the riding comfort. The handlebar has a 36v display, which allows you to know more information in real time during the riding, such as current speed, remaining power, etc.And many customers sent us feedback pictures, you can see how happily they are riding!

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