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Technical advantages of the company's electric bicycle

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38 years of working experience in E-bike industry, participated in the design, research and development, this engineer participated in and witnessed the development of China's electric bicycle industry. He has broken through and solved many technical problems in the development of domestic e-bikes. He is also the leader of technical innovation of China Association of e-bikes industry, and has done business sharing in universities and research institutions for many times. His apprentices are all over the East, West, north, South and overseas of China. The industry calls chief engineer Zhou the father of "China's e-bikes".38 years of industry experience, condensed into three core technology methodology, known as "Zhou syllogism".


1. Frame design

All the frame models of COOLFLY company come from the sketch drawn by Zhou Guang De himself. The design emphasizes the principle of ergonomics, the accurate quantification of the design software, the research &development of the engineering mold, the adjustment and correction of the mold several times, and the strict control in the production process, so as to achieve the perfect combination of theory and practice, these jobs make riding is a pleasure, not a burden. Chief engineer Zhou said that if the frame design was unreasonable, and the cyclist will feel very tired soon, and the lumbar shoulder will feel uncomfortable if ride for a long time.


2. Parts details

Allaccessories of COOLFLY company are strictly selected from excellent suppliers,which ensures the high quality and strict control of raw materials, so that every detail is a flash point in the bicycle.


3. Matching of electrical components

COOLFLY makes the best match for the six parts of the electric bicycle

(motor, battery, controller, charger, sensor, brake handle), instead of emphasizing one item alone, it is the best match for the whole.

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