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CHEETAH-PRO - I Received My Stealth Bomber Electric Bike A Couple Days Ago

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I received my stealth bomber electric bike a couple days ago and must say the packing and protection of the bike was next to none,each part of the bike was wrapped carefully everything was well taken care for, it literally took me a hour and a half to unbox and unwrap it all....which I didn't mind at all knowing everything was going to be in perfect shape. Today I finally took it out for a test run and was more than pleased with the quality speed and how solid everything on the bike was front headlight very very bright far and wide. to me it rides very nice and smooth.

I'm yet to test the distance it will take me on a full battery I'm sure I won't be disappointed, and besides the weight being heavier than my old bike it won't be any problem once I'm use too I'm happy to say anyone looking to purchase one your not waisting your money, and I give it 9/10 over all rating from purchasing to delivery to packaging and performance I'm very happy and satisfied


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