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Surron Light Bee X -Coolfly Is Legit on Selling It

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Ordered in late February 2024 and got my Genuine/ Real LBX today. I'll do a quick Q/A

How much was it?

Around $3700 USD to my home in the Southeast USA. EDIT- looked again and it was only $3398USD in total for a 2024 model. That's over $1,000 USD saved over buying from a US importer.

What took so long?

The company used like 3 or 4 diffrent freight companies / logistics companies, which- while less expensive- took kind of a while (around 2 months) Or at least that's the way they were playing it off
Is it a Legit Surron branded Light Bee X, or a knockoff?

It is legit! Comes with all pieces needed including the charger, battery, and 110V to 220V converter. Oh, and instruction manuals (in Mandarin ofc because Surron is Chinese lol.)

Does it have a speed limiter?
No! In Sport mode, I just ripped her down the street at 49MPH. Probably can go quicker than that, though, but not without mods like a controller, battery, and/or motor.
What is the exact sellers name that you used
Changzhou Coofly Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Out of Jiangsu, CN.
How much was the weight? The Alibaba seller sent me something, but how do I know it's a Surron instead of a cheap ass Electric Moped / scam?
My package / Surron box was 178lbs. It may vary 10-15 pounds depending on if it ships with the power converter I mentioned above. The bike itself weighs around 130lbs or so and all the packaging, pallet, and bracing weighs probably 30-40lbs in total.
Hope this helps, and happy hunting! Sure beat spending $4500 stateside lol.

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